Health and Wellbeing Event: Review!

March 2nd saw our annual Health and Wellbeing Event at the Lark Lane Community Centre! Well-attended by various local organisations and lots of old and new service users, it was a lively event with activities, exercise classes and talks suitable for everyone. Alongside promoting the work of Healthiness Ltd, the event commemorated our 3rd birthday and the recently awarded Lottery funding, with a great turn-out of people joining us in celebration.

Taster exercise sessions provided an example of what to expect from our day-to-day classes, allowing our current clients to experience something new, as well as giving new clients an idea of what to expect! We showcased sessions in Boccia, Chair-Based Exercise, Athlefit and Boxercise, demonstrating the different level of intensity classes available, proving that there is opportunity for everyone to get healthy!

In a separate room to the exercise classes several talks and videos were shown, discussing who we are and what we do, past activities and what we hope to achieve in the future. The Lottery funding awarded in February 2016 has allowed us the means to advance the quantity of the classes we can provide, consequently allowing us to be of more benefit to our service users. Talks were also given on subjects concerning general well-being. Dr. Sarah Butchard from Merseycare spoke regarding dementia programmes available in Liverpool, while Amy (one of our own) gave a talk and video about Boccia – one of the forms of exercise we provide.

The event was in association with the Liverpool CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group). With the intention of making a Healthy Liverpool, videos advocating the value of exercise and well-being were shown at our event. Information was collected by those attending through forms and questionnaires, collating knowledge on how people engage in physical activity and the most appropriate form of exercise for adults of different abilities, with the ultimate intention of improving services throughout Liverpool.

Also attending were a variety of local organisations, setting up stalls around the hall that demonstrated what each does. These generated interest in other opportunities that are available, creating good links within the community. The organisations that attended were:

  • Health Watch
  • My Guide
  • CAB
  • Dietician
  • Metanoeo
  • Merseycare
  • Comedy Trust
  • Estate Planning
  • Age Concern
  • Costco
  • Stroke Info
  • VNCLifeline
  • Richmond Fellowship
  • Your Housing Group

Overall the event was a success, raising interest in our services and others relevant in the community, as well as promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It was a lively, fun-filled day that was enjoyed by everyone, encouraging us to arrange similar events regularly! Next up: Sports Day on the 10th August!


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