Golden Years Roadshow

On Friday 4th March we at Healthiness Ltd went along to the Golden Years Roadshow at the Adelphi Hotel.

Set up in the corner of the Events and Exhibitions Hall we had enough space to run several taster sessions of chair-based exercises, giving those who fancied it an example of the sorts of classes available. We gained some attention, as people who hadn’t heard of Healthiness and the classes that we run were looking through the leaflets seeing what classes were nearest to them.

With live music, games of Mecca Bingo and a huge variety of local businesses, the event offered something for everyone. From cruise ship companies to Macmillan Nurses, various different gyms and even a roulette wheel from the Grosvenor Casino, the wide variety of stalls and people meant the entire hall buzzed with energy.

Did you catch us at the Roadshow and fancy trying out a class or two of ours? Feel free to give us a call on 0151 728 8874. And if you missed the Liverpool Roadshow not to worry! There are more scheduled around the country in the coming months. Go to to see upcoming events.


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