‘Is having no social life as bad for you as smoking?’

This eye-catching tag-line from an article on The Guardian’s website has caught our attention here at Healthiness – is social isolation really as bad for you as cigarettes? Surely not, you would think?

Studies have shown that restricted social contact may result in your odds of dying being increased by 50% and is therefore as ‘similarly detrimental to health as smoking’. Social isolation influences the regulation of our hormonal and metabolic systems. By keeping these in harmony, the body is naturally more prepared for stressful events and can even reduce the risks of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

While this is no reason to bin the No Smoking New Year’s Resolution and replace it with more trips to the pub with your friends, it does make an interesting point. If social isolation is so bad for you, why is it not spoken about more? Being social can be notoriously difficult as we grow older, but with statistics like this being revealed it’s as important as ever to keep seeing our loved ones and reduce social isolation.

Here at Healthiness this is something we stand by. Our classes are designed to promote inclusion, integrating everyone in the community with the added bonus of regular exercise. Our classes are open to everyone no matter your capabilities and with the wide variety of classes we run you’re sure to find one to your fancy. If you feel like yourself or someone you know could benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To read the full article from The Guardian click on the link here:



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